Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Reewire ICT Solutions
Reewire is setting the standards for delivering next generation mobile financial service solutions

Reewire covers an explicit and growing need for companies to create new lucrative revenue streams through new innovative value added services across multiple channels and devices. Reewire enables simple, innovative solutions including financial transactions across different types of devices; (mobile phones, fixed phones, POS Terminals and online devices) and via multiple channels such as SMS, USSD, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Internet.

Reewire 4M Platform for Mobile and Cross Channel Financial Services
The 4M Platform works across mobile phones, fixed lines, POS and online devices - using:          
  • SMS
  • USSD - Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
  • IVR - Interactive Voice Respons
  • WEB - Multiple Internet Protecols

The 4M PLATFORM gives the service owners freedom to chart their service roadmap without being constrained by the capabilities of the service platform. The 4M PLATFORM recognizes mobile and cross channel based transaction services under 3 broad categories.

  • Service that are specific to an operators area of operations like airtime recharge, VAS content retail etc.
  • Services that support commercial transactions and banking related functions like payments, funds transfer, Mobile Money transactions, domestic and international remittance, mobile banking etc.
  • Finally, the category of loyalty or reward points management where the service operators can create unique reward schemes to enhance the loyalty of their subscribers.

The 4M platform establishes an operational environment wherein the service owners can select and deploy different mobile based services according to their business needs.