Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Pre-paid cards


Reewire 4M solves the debit and prepaid transaction needs of financial institutions, merchants, service providers, and consumers.

Reewire 4M™ offers Multi-Account, Multi-Access, and Multi-link as well as real-time Settlement and Reporting


Reewire 4M™ integrates seamlessly with different debit card processers for both VISA and MasterCard

Reewire 4M™ enables swift connection between the debit cards and the mWallets & bank accounts enabling users to charge their mWallet directly from their pre-paid card or vice versa from their mobile phone or the web.


Reewire 4M™ Prepaid Cards customers can build their own network to distribute top-up and cash-out from the cards as well as a range of innovative value added services generating new transaction based revenue streams on their customer base.

Reewire provides pre-paid card customers support for the entire value chain

  • Card design & Manufacturing

  • System integration & customization

  • Back office processing, monitoring 2nd line support and maintenance

  • Custom designed web and mobile cardholders portals

  • Global distribution network of top-up locations

  • Reporting and data mining


Reewire can help non-Visa & Master-Card members to become members or to find a partner bank to issue the desired cards.

Card example

Salary Card
Easy disburse-ment of salaries. Integrates with Reewire eSalary Suite Suite™

Incentive & Loyalty Card
Increase loyalty from key customers by incentives to loyalty cardholders.

Student Card
Provide allowance for students
away from home or studying abroad

Gift Card

Issue one-time or rechargeable gift cards Available as Corporate & Consumer Cards.


Bill and Vendor Card
Handle bill & vendor payments with pre-paid cards.


Expense & Travel Card Track and
manage employees´domestic & international expenses