Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Reewire 4M™ efficient mobile payment is highly suitable for a broad range of businesses, and may be applied to different fields such as public transportation, magazine subscriptions, parking and many other areas.

Mobile Payment - a corner stone in Mobile Banking, Mobile Money and Mobile Applications.
Reewire 4M™ Advanced Mobile Payments:

• Merchant and Retail Payment

• Pre- & Post Paid - Bill Payment

• Voucher Driven Payments

• Digital Products & Services

Merchant & Retail Payment

Mobile Merchant & Retail Payment is “on-site” transactions in the store or in the local market and primarily aimed towards physical goods or services delivered.


The merchant or retail store can collect mobile payments directly to a mobile phone, via a retailer web interface or by integration of the mobile payment method directly to the teller or POS-terminals - typically for supermarkets and larger retail stores.

Reewire 4M™ enables a range of additional value added services for merchants to increase sales and customer loyalty by introducing innovative mobile marketing tools e.g. to collect customer’s mobile numbers to drive mobile marketing campaigns, such as:

• Offers and promotions

• Distribution of discount coupons

• Discounts

• Accumulation of mobile bonus points when paying with the mobile


Merchants and retailers can receive payments from users across multiple banks´ mobile banking, mobile money solutions and across multiple Telecom Operators.


Bill Payment

Mobile Bill Payment enables companies to streamline their collection process.

Reewire 4M™ Mobile Bill Payment enables companies to reduce the administration cost and collection time – as mobile payments are instantly available.

Typical companies to profit from bill payment solutions are water and electricity companies, and also Pay-TV, school tuition and other subscription based services.

Allowing customers not having a mWallet or bank account can pay their bills with the agent network

Other Payments

Reewire 4M™ provides methodologies and modules to build innovative distribution solutions of digital content and Services Payments such as:

• Salary Payments

• Supplier Payments

• Lottery, Games

• Air Time Top-UP

• Payment for Ring Tones, Video and

Sound Streaming as well as other

Telco driven services