Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Reewire 4M Mobile Money key advantages:

• Millions of mWallets can be consolidated in one single account – The Pool Account - representing a huge consolidated long-term deposit.


• The Agent Management Module enables the Financial Institution to enroll and manage a broad agent network of thousands of agents.


• Reewire 4M™ requires little or no integration to the core banking system of the financial institution - bringing down the integration costs significantly.


• Reewire 4M™ is accessible across multiple Mobile Network Operators


• Reewire 4M™ is accessible from any mobile phone - even the most basic ones


• Reewire 4M™ supports any tribal language and vocal interface for the nonliterate population


Reewire Social Fund

donates and re-invest

of Reewire International’s annual profit
in the local  markets where we operate.
MOBILE Money / m-Wallet


Bringing Mobile Financial Services to the unbanked and underserved populations of the emerging economies represents a huge opportunity.


According to the Financial Access Initiative and researcher from Harvard, New York University and Yale, 2.5 billion adults are unbanked in the world. 2,2 of these live in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.


In Sub-Saharan Africa 80% of the adult population, 325 million people, remains unserved, as compared to only 8% in high income OECD countries.


Reewire 4M™´s unique capabilities enable Banks, Credit Unions and

Micro Finance Institutions the ability to deploy cost-efficient and innovative Mobile Financial Solutions addressing the unbanked population.

Reewire builds local partnerships to support the strategic planning and design of locally adapted solutions to address the unbanked population.

Reewire participates in all aspects of the local partnership, from initial requirement specification to development, deployment and roll out of the solution, establishment of the agent network and acceleration of the user recruitment - through smart sms based mobile marketing campaigns.


Reewire will create a state of the art call center facility to support agents and customers with any enquirers they may have to ensure a successful operational roll-out and market penetration.

The call center will also include a voice interface for efficient self-service
Micro Finance & Inclusive Banking
Micro Finance Institutions, Credit Unions and Cooperatives are the key drivers of financial inclusion

Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs),Credit Unions and Cooperatives can benefit from Reewire 4M™ by enabling the mobile interface to their core business.

Reewire 4M™ can be customized to serve as a simple and “easy to use” core banking solution containing all the workflows for lending and reimbursement.

The Telco messaging capabilities can serve to communicate with the customers and provide alerting when payment are due etc.
Open interconnected Market for MFS
Reewire 4M enables a truly open market place for Mobile Financial Services

Interconnecting Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), Credit Unions and Cooperatives, while mutualizing agent networks leads the way for a truly open and inclusive market platform for financial services.

The open market place for mobile financial services will constitute the back bone for improved public service and innovative incentive programs from NGOs and public institutions to help fight poverty, improve education and health care in the emerging economies.

Governments can utilize the platform for tax collection, pension disbursement as well as for public and private health care and health insurance programs.

The open market place for mobile financial services will lead the way for increased transparency and traceability and hereby reducing corruption, money laundering and improve the possibilities for fair trade against use of child labor etc.