Sunday, June 16, 2019

Mobile Applications
Tailor made mobile and cross channel solutions     

Reewire´s technology stack enables development of almost any imaginable service or solution across multiple channels and devices.


Reewire 4M™ and additional software suites enable companies and service providers to easily interact seamlessly with their costumers, for one-time transactions as well as for long lasting customer/ member relationships.


Mobile and cross channel applications enable companies, public and private institutions, associations etc. easily to dialogue with customers, members, partners, employees etc. across a range of channels and devices to their mutual benefit.


This flexibility leads the way for new disruptive market innovations, offering companies and organizations seeking to embrace these opportunity significant competitive advantages, improved brand value and customer loyalty as well as new revenue streams.


The possibility for adding biometric identification will take security to a new level and allow for high value transactions to be performed in an easy seamless workflow with no security issues for the parties involved.

Solutions for any imaginable service, business or relationship.

Reewire’s highly experienced engineers and architects assist customers in building cutting edge solutions as well as services. We assist our partners from conceptualization, design and construction through deployment, launch to successful operation.

Here are a few examples of imaginable solution verticals:

• Travel & tourism solutions e.g. with tourist information, bookings and reservations, pre-payment etc.
• Public and Private Transportation and parking payment solutions
• Information solutions, news and special interest topics e.g. weather, traffic, sports etc.
• Education solutions e.g. language programs, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.
• Lottery and gaming solutions.
• Business and social network solutions.
• Trading solutions, securities, classifieds, B2B and B2C market solutions.
• Public Service & e-citizens solutions, Pension disbursement, Tax collection, Healthcare etc.
• Enhanced security solutions, building access and surveillance

• Alerting solutions fire, gas, flooding, earthquake, tsunami etc.

Example solution areas: