Sunday, June 16, 2019
Peer2Peer - Clearing & Swithcing
The 4M enables instant transactional services delivery with real time clearing, swithching settlement


The 4M Platorm empower financial institutions, remittance companies, teleoperators and a broad range of other types of institutions to orchestrate advanced payment and settelement transactions in real. time.

Real time payment and settlement transactions can be orchestrated Peer2Peer or one to many e.g. in ePayroll scenarious and revenue share or commission can be disbursed simoultaneously in real-time to all stakeholders involved in the transaction.

As the 4M Platform can integrate any type of financial instrument it is possible to clear & switch the settlement between multiple types of fiancial instruments - even instruments that are not in real time by nature - typical examples are remittance and credit card transactions. In these cases the transaction will be cleared in real time and the amount related to the non-real time financial instrument will be stored in a suspence account until cleared by the batch or other processes terminating the non-realtime part of the transaction.

The 4M Platform also orchestrates real-time settlement using trusted accounts in both ends or an international transfer or payment settlement process, allowing for real-time settlement of any type of transfer with a trusted mediator that can guarantee the transaction. The 4M Platfrom additionally provides the full toolset for managing such transaction across different types of currencies and other stored value assets or crypto curriencies.