Medical expert to provide eHealth solutions guidance

Copenhagen, DENMARK – 27th, February 2015 – Reewire International ApS, a mobile financial services information and communications technology (ICT) platform company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Giorgio Roscigno, M.D. to the firm’s advisory board.  Dr. Roscigno, a leading infectious medical disease expert based in Pretoria and Geneva, will advise Reewire’s management team on the best applicability of eHealth solutions.

Reewire’s 4M™ platform can enable, connect and assist all stakeholders in the eHealth sector. Governments, NGO’s, endowments, foundations and development finance institutions are accelerating investments in eHealth digital finance solutions to increase their program efficiencies, reduce costs and create sustainable outcomes.  Reewire is ideally positioned to unify efforts, co-invest, identify constraints and co-create solutions leveraging their existing capabilities in this evolving marketplace.

Niels Peter Ellegaard, CEO of Reewire International ApS, stated, “Speaking on behalf of our management team, board and advisory board, we are delighted to work with Dr. Roscigno.  His critical guidance for the design and development of relevant eHealth solutions complements our vision for financial inclusion in emerging markets,” he said in closing.

Dr. Roscigno is eager to lend his expertise to Reewire.  “Healthcare diagnostics, payments and delivery via mobile phones are changing the public sector health paradigm in this region and I am pleased to help shape new avenues for distribution,” he said.

Dr. Roscigno is a senior pharma and diagnostics executive with broad managerial and medical experience in the private as well as the public sector. Since 2013 he has served as Chairman & International Health Advisor for NEXT, a new organization focusing on private sector roles in public health for emerging market countries. He is co-founder (1994) of Ethiopia based Caroga Pharma and currently serves as Non-Executive Chairman & Advisor. Dr. Roscigno is currently working as a Consultant to the World Health Organization (Geneva) to develop a Plan for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Ethiopia. While CEO of FIND, the Foundation for New Innovative Diagnostics, (2003-08) he oversaw the development of 5 new WHO-approved diagnostic tools, the distribution of these tools to 27 countries and the establishment of ambitious programs in malaria and sleeping sickness. Giorgio previously spent 20 years in the private sector research based pharma industry with Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Marion Merrell Dow, and finally as International Medical Director for Anti-Infectives with Aventis in France. He has made significant contributions to the clinical work of all TB fixed-dose combinations containing Rifampicin and the development of Rifapentine and Eflornithine (DFMO). He received his diploma in Tropical Medicine & Health from NY Medical College.

Based in Copenhagen with research and development in Paris, Reewire’s enterprise mobility 4M™ platform is ideally positioned for the digital finance sector’s explosive growth in EMEA, Asia and the Americas. Reewire leverages the business and technical capabilities of client financial institutions, banks, mobile network operators and other public/private sector computing platforms, enabling their introduction of new business models, products and services. By lowering client customer acquisition and operating costs, Reewire facilitates new customer growth, increases brand loyalty and captures significant revenue streams from the expanding demand for mobile financial services. The platform can be deployed on premises or hosted on the cloud and is both flexible and scalable with all legacy technology/systems and deliverable across web, mobile phones, smart phones and online devices. Reewire engages select partners in mutually beneficial partnerships introducing mobile financial services to unbanked and underbanked populations in high growth emerging markets.