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Mobile Banking

Enabling traditional bank transactions via mobile phone

Reewire empowers Banking Institutions the ability to offer Mobile Banking solutions to their customers via their mobile phones- on all types of existing handsets and online devices

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Mobile Money

Enabling bank transactions based on virtual account principle’s via mobile phones


Reewire provides Mobile Money solutions, enabling Banks to extend their reach beyond their physical branches onto a Network of agents attracting new customers.

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Mobile Applications

Enabling cross-channel transactional services delivery


The 4M Platform is a robust, scalable, secure, and innovative multi-channel services delivery platform simultaneously available across multi-channels, handsets and devices.

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Mobile Business & Mobile Financial services


4M platform easily scales transactional services deliveries across multiple channels and devices. The platform can simultaneously handle numerous VAS and financial services applications.


Reewire aims to deliver sustainable value for many businesses seeking to address the growing demands from an increasingly digitalized customer base by:

  • Building new revenue streams
  • Providing innovative new services to attract new customers
  • Strengthening loyalty of current customers

Mobile financial services represent a new and dynamic market with strong potential investor returns. At the same time many new currently underserved lower income consumers can gain from more formal access to financial services. Formalized micro-credit, savings, insurance and payment solutions delivered through mobile channels can deliver efficiencies while reducing risks and enabling future planning.


In the emerging markets, financially underserved yet economically active populations represent enormous opportunities for governments, banks, postal services, telecommunication firms and other businesses to offer a range of innovative and affordable mobile financial products and value added services.

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In select new markets, Reewire welcomes discussions with business entrepreneurs looking to develop a local market presence as a subsidiary, joint venture or platform for white label solutions. Local partners and investors work alongside Reewire management to develop business plans, resources and necessary capitalization to ensure market success.



Local partners can be:

  • One or several local banks, micro-credit institutions or other financial services providers
  • One or several local mobile network operators or virtual network operators
  • Local firms currently processing substantial monthly transactions seeking to efficiently digitalize their business with minimal up-front costs

Contact us for further details.


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Reewire is experiencing significant interest and growth since 4Q 2013 with execution of revised business plan and additions to leadership. Product and service offerings are a highly competitive value proposition rapidly gaining traction in expanding emerging markets.


Company management welcomes discussions with prospective investors and partners

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Given that Reewire’s products and services are white labeled either through resellers or operated under a customer/partner brand, references can be released only under confidentiality agreement.


Current projects are ongoing in Ethiopia, Tunisia, Nigeria, Peru and Brazil and span business relationships with banks, telecom providers, corporations and governments.



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What we offer
  • Pre - paid cards

    Reewire 4M™ solves the debit and prepaid transaction needs of financial institutions, merchants, service providers, and consumers


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  • Mobile Applications

    Reewire´s technology stack enables development of almost any imaginable service or solution across multiple channels and devices.


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  • Money transfer

    Reewire 4M™ provides a flexible tool-box for deploying and managing all types of money transfers.


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  • Card-less Banking

    Reewire 4M enables financial institutions the ability to provide card-less withdrawal’s from their ATM infrastructure improving profitability and reach


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  • Mobile Payment

    Mobile Merchant & Retail Payment are “on-site” transactions in the store or in the local market and primarily aimed towards physical goods or services delivered.

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